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While I have a handful of financial institutions and vendors as clients, most of my time is now dedicated to my new company, Hip Pocket. More detail on the service it offers is below and at


Hip Pocket Application Provides a Quick & Easy Way to Grow Your Loans!

We license our integrated application directly to banks and credit unions for use on their website.

The application is delivered via JavaScript plug-in and includes social media integration and Google Analytics. It’s also device responsive.

Any visitor to your financial institution’s website can use the application to input some information about themselves (age, marital status, zip code, and credit score estimation) as well as their current financial information (current loan balance, remaining term, interest rate, etc.) and then view how they compare vs. their peers when it comes to interest rate.

We offer these comparison applications for mortgages, auto loans, and retirement.

If the consumer is doing great, she gets validation and is asked to share the application with their friends via Facebook or Twitter post integration. Our research and validation shows that when people know they are getting a good deal, they will let their friends know about it. This helps the application gain an extended audience via social sharing.

If the consumer is in the middle or bottom of the peer group, we use the your instituion’s current rates to show the user where she could potentially save money and put the person in touch with a loan or investment officer.

The peer data is purchased by us and housed by Hip Pocket on our servers. The application pulls this information into the analysis in real time.

In a commoditized industry, show your customers something of real value that will save them money while growing your loans!


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